Octauthent Demo

Hi there 👋

Welcome the the Octauthent demo!

This simple website is composed of 2 pages:

  • The home page, which you are currently reading, accessible to everyone 🔓
  • A private page, protected by Octauthent 🔒


If you want to access the private page, you'll need the following credentials:
username: demo
password: octauthent

How it works

This website is nothing more than 2 HTML files hosted on GitHub Pages!
You can read the source code on GitHub if you want!

There is absolutely no code related to authentication, so everybody could (normally) access the private page

However, thanks to Octauthent, here is what happens when you access demo.octauthent.com/private from your browser:

  1. A DNS server recognizes the domain and responds with a Cloudflare IP
  2. Your browser asks for the page to the Cloudflare IP it received
  3. Cloudflare runs the Octauthent code to know what to do
  4. If Octauthent decides that you are not allowed, Cloudflare responds with a customized login form
  5. If Octauthent decides that the page can be accessed:
    1. Cloudflare asks Github Pages for the content of demo.octauthent.com/private
    2. Github recognizes the address and responds with the page content
    3. Cloudflare sends the response back to your browser